While the national statistics for jobs and wage growth since the last General Election are positive, the opposite is true for Chesterfield. We need an MP that will work day and night to bring much needed commercial investment to Chesterfield.

Chesterfield schools are significantly underfunded, with plans for next year showing secondary schools are due to receive less than the national minimum amount of £4,800, and nearly £50 less per pupil than the national average. I will campaign for a fair funding settlement for our schools.

Parliament has repeatedly delayed vital investment in local transport. Huge housing developments without additional road capacity is bringing Chesterfield to a stand still. I will fight to get proper and timely investment in our local infrastructure with the billions made available by scrapping London-centric projects like HS2. 

The Brexit Party is also committed to helping hard pressed local businesses by cancelling business rates on the high street. 


The old two-party system is broken, leaving many people feeling marginalised and disillusioned with politics. It is our Parliament’s responsibility to ensure that everyone is represented. I will campaign to reform our electoral process and the first-past-the-post system.

The unelected House of Lords remain unaccountable to the general public and, for the same reason that I object to unelected bureaucrats calling the shots in the EU, I cannot support the continuation of the present system.

And finally, the BBC must be reformed to restore it's original purpose as an unbiased and fully accountable public service. If we are to be forced to pay for the privilege of owning a television, the cost should be as low as possible and only paid by those that can afford it. Extorting from OAPs to pay vast salaries to "stars" and executives must stop!


Democracy has been betrayed by the previous parliament.The result of the referendum has been ignored and the political class has tried to delay and overturn our decision. Now is our opportunity to replace those that were elected in 2017 on the basis of false promises.

The Brexit Party stands behind the 17.4 million leave-voters and will ensue that we leave the EU, the Single Market, the Customs Union and the jurisdiction of the ECJ.  

We believe that even after bungled negotiations, it is still possible for  the UK to thrive outside of the EU. But only if Boris Johnson delivers on his vow to negotiate a Canada-style Free Trade Agreement by December 2020. Brexit Party MPs will hold him to account on exactly that promise. 

A fully independent UK will have much greater flexibility to adapt our laws and regulations in a rapidly changing world. Our Parliament will have the opportunity to make our businesses more competitive, offer greater consumer choice, make our financial system more secure and provide better protection for our environment. 

Join the fight to stand up for democracy!

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