A strong advocate of free speech, free trade and equality of opportunity, I'm confident that the best days lie ahead for an outward-looking global Britain. 

The late, great, Tony Benn once said that every generation has their own fight for democracy; this is ours! 

I believe that it's time that we were, once again, represented in Parliament by someone with the integrity to honour their election promises and deliver the expressed will of Chesterfield people.


About John

Hi, I'm John Scotting. I'm 39, happily married, and a proud father of three boys - all in Chesterfield schools. 

My own school life started in Wingerworth. I spent my formative years in Doncaster and Barlow, before going to University in Newcastle, where I studied International Business & Economics. After education, my wife and I moved back home and bought our first house in Dunston. We've lived and/or worked in the area ever since.

Most of my career has been spent in the automotive industry, and I'm now a property developer. I also write for and edit a collaborative political blog that provides a platform for young writers to develop their journalistic talents.

I campaigned for Vote Leave during the referendum and to keep Chesterfield in the Derbyshire LEP soon after - both of which were supported by an overwhelming majority of Chesterfield residents, but opposed by our MP. I now intend to stand for election because I believe that Chesterfield deserves better

It's time to change politics for good!