Putting Chesterfield First

While the national statistics for jobs and wage growth since the last General Election are positive, the opposite is true for Chesterfield. We need an MP that will work day and night to bring much needed commercial investment to Chesterfield. 

It's time for Change in Chesterfield!

So, what matters most when deciding who to elect?

Is it a question of trust?

Your opinion only matters to Toby Perkins MP when he wants to con you out of your votes.

In 2016, Toby Perkins MP argued for the UK to Remain in the EU. The majority of Chesterfield voters (60%) backed Britain by voting Leave - defined by the government of the day and both official campaigns at the time of the vote as leaving the Single Market & Customs Union.

When seeking reelection, he knew that he risked losing votes if he didn't promise to honour the referendum result. So, his campaign literature claimed he would "back Brexit", enabling Britain to "trade freely" and "control immigration".  

All senior Labour politicians attempted to peddle the same vote-buying promises by confirming that we'd definitely be leaving the EU. 

Here's what they said in 2017 - & - Here's what they're saying now.

Leave-voters in Chesterfield that were less than impressed with Theresa May's calamitous election campaign could, therefore, cast their votes for Labour with full confidence.

But your opinion only matters at election time!

Once those votes were in the bag though, Toby Perkins' approach changed completely, as he repeatedly voted against leaving the EU - either with or without a deal. And even campaigned to ignore our first vote by re-running the referendum before it was adopted as official Labour Party policy.

He admits that he still "regrets the choice the country made" and condescendingly claims that his insistence that we should "think again" is justified because we "didn't know what we were voting for".  

All of the standard anti-Brexit tropes are wheeled out with the "narrow result" being used to claim that only the post-referendum invention of a "Soft Brexit" is acceptable. He even goes as far as to deliberately mislead his constituents with claims that the manifesto on which he was elected stated that we should...

     "REMAIN in the Single Market" - and - "REMAIN in the Customs Union"

He knows that most Chesterfield voters have busy lives, so we'll have neither the time nor inclination to check. But I have, and it says no such thing!

What it actually says is that:

  • "Labour accepts the referendum result"
  • "Freedom of movement will end"
  • "Labour will use trade negotiations to boost market access"
  • "Labour is committed to the rules-based international trading system of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)"


'Freedom of Movement' can only end if we LEAVE the Single Market.

There can be no trade negotiations unless we LEAVE the Customs Union. 

It also stated that transitional arrangements may need to be negotiated NOT automatically accepted or imposed, which patently acknowledges that leaving without a deal was both a distinct possibility and that they would "seek to retain close alignment with" - as opposed to remaining in - the Single Market and Customs Union.

Having rejected the Withdrawal Agreement, the only way to honour both the referendum result and Labour's 2017 manifestos is now to leave the EU on WTO terms and seek the closest possible Free Trade Agreement; but Toby Perkins and most of his colleagues point blank refuse!

Or a question of principles?

Toby Perkins MP cannot be trusted.

Groucho Marx famously once said - "those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well I have others". A familiar approach for career politicians that represent constituencies that are taken for granted, like Chesterfield.

To Toby Perkins' credit, he's no Marxist (Karl Marx, not Groucho). He's no fan of anti-British terrorist groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and the IRA. He understands that importing Venezuela-style socialist economic illiteracy will make Britons poorer. I'm pretty sure he's not antisemitic. 


Many of his colleagues have recognised that their party has been dragged into the far-left gutter and have had the decency to resign from the party. Frank Field, Luciana Berger, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Gavin Shuker, Mike Grapes, Ann Coffey, Chuka Umunna, Joan Ryan, Ian Austin, and, most recently, John Mann, have all been clear that they cannot back Jeremy Corbyn to be the next Prime Minister of this country. Why does Toby Perkins not follow their lead?


As an ardent supporter of Tony Blair's continuation of Thatcher's economic reforms combined with an unhealthy dose of sovereignty-surrender and pro-West warmongering, how can he possibly now support the reversal of those reforms and a viscerally anti-West form of selective pacifism? The answer, of course, is that he doesn't. 

He did resign from the front bench on the basis that backing Jeremy Corbyn "would be a betrayal of [his] members, constituents and the wider country" (to directly quote his resignation letter). But his highest priority is obviously his own continued employment as opposed to answering to any firm principles. He knows that he stands a better chance of being reelected if he wears a red rosette, regardless of whether he supports his party's front bench or agrees with any of their policies.  

So, the question that we are now faced with is... Do we really want to be represented by a career politician that is willing to endorse an extremist leader and policy programme that he doesn't even agree with himself?

Let's not be taken in again. Let's Change Politics For Good!



what labour said when seeking election in 2017

what labour say now (still trying to face both ways!)