The Labour Party's position is baffling. They intend to ignore our democratic verdict to leave the EU by overwriting our votes with a rigged Remain Vs Remain minus referendum.

Their ludicrous proposal is to make an already diabolical withdrawal treaty even worse by stamping out any slight hope of escaping from a lopsided Customs Union. This both prevents us from expanding global trade by negotiating our own free trade deals and provides continental producers with the opportunity to set tariffs to their advantage at the expense of our own. 

Labour have abandoned their proud Eurosceptic tradition!

the customs union trap...

Turkey's don't vote for Customs

Turkey Flag - Customs Union Trap

Turkey provide us with an example of what Labour are proposing. 

Yet, they hate being in the position they're in because they have no say over which tariffs apply to which industries. EU-based producers can lobby unelected Brussels bureaucrats to apply trade barriers for their benefit and to the detriment of Turkish exporters and consumers.

The worst of all worlds, and it solves nothing!

No Escape

Customs Union Lock

Labour's deliberately awful servitude "deal" offers no unilateral exit mechanism. So, the UK would be trapped in a damaging Customs Union with no say and no escape.

Instead, we should reduce tariffs and non-tariff barriers by negotiating a comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA),  - as per the votes we've already cast! 

We have  nothing to lose but our chains!

Little Europers

EU Protectionism

Europhiles are particularly fond of calling Leave-voters "little Englanders" and accuse us of wanting to "pull up the draw bridge". The opposite is true!

Freedom from the Customs Union will enable us to negotiate trade deals on our own terms, without the obstacles that producers in 27 other countries throw into the mix. 

The Customs Union is a protectionist racket!

And This is the alternative...

A truly global Britain... remove barriers and prosper. It really is that simple!

Labour's Proud Eurosceptic tradition has been ABANDONED!